Carrier Access Billing — CABS 

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Partner with KADENCE to maximize your access revenue and simplify the intricate and vital process of carrier access billing.

KADENCE's robust CABS platform delivers tier-one functionality and professional services for ILEC, CLEC, MSO and cable companies. Depending on your business needs, CABS is available as a license, ASP or professional service.

Our secure web portal provides 24/7 access to a suite of user friendly accounting and reporting tools. You can customize new accounts based on business needs, plan rate changes with “what if” scenarios, follow revenue trends with our customizable reports and more. Electronic bills can be rendered in MECAB and SECAB compliant formats. Plus, you can ensure proper rate factors are being used.

We have strategic partnerships to assist in regulatory services and tariff needs. Our billing records are also retained for a minimum of two years for dispute resolution services.

Features At-A-Glance


Our customer satisfaction ratings speak for themselves with a 94% satisfaction rating for billing accuracy and a 95% “willing to recommend” rating.

KADENCE has been billing CABS since CABS began. We have deep expertise in switched access and special circuit, as well as multiple company billing so you can maintain revenue streams with uninterrupted billing cycles.

Take a deeper dive into our CABS solution. 

Our automated electronic bill distribution feature conveniently allows the user to bill without leaving our CABS system. The user selects the files to be billed. Files containing errors are corrected and re-billed. Once all files are selected and corrected, bills can be distributed to the carriers. Log views for the application, billing, loaded EMI records and processing allow the user to check for process errors and correct as needed. Additionally, the user can bill multiple periods within the same billing cycle with the click of a button. Usage from previous periods can be billed with a current period and is displayed by usage date.

Our secure web portal provides user access to the Accounting tab to enter adjustments, payments, or edit transactions as needed. The SQL Reporting Tool allows the CABS license operator or the service bureau client to recreate any number of standard or custom reports in varied formats.

Use our system to honor your interconnection agreements with wireless carriers and get compensated for the handling of wireless traffic. Plus, our system can manage “trade” traffic, so if you have agreements with other partners (e.g. reciprocal compensation) our system recognizes this traffic and bills accordingly. Additionally you can verify accuracy with our error reporting comparisons.

Our "What If" tool allows users to create analysis scenarios and apply changes to rate elements or carrier factors to determine the resulting revenue impacts. With this tool, the live database is not impacted and new data is available to make informed business decisions.

CABS is available as a licensed solution or ASP depending on your business needs. KADENCE meets the requirements for MECAB or SECAB billing formats.